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229 Challenges to Saying YES to – Spontaneous Possibility

Jun 21, 2023 | Uncategorized

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go, with the Day two of navigating a fast possibility and allowing it to keep moving at the speed of light.

So today I want to talk with you about the challenges of saying yes to possibilities.

So for some, over-commitment is a challenge.

Are you ever a little bit nervous about saying no to things?

And so you say yes to everything.

When you say yes to too many things, you can easily become overwhelmed and stretched to the point where you can’t take advantage of any of them.

So it’s important to access your capacity and consider if you have time, energy, and resources to fully engage in the new possibilities that are popping up without sacrificing your balance, your well-being, or your existing commitments.

Now that takes an understanding of what you’re asking for.

So, that’s the first thing over-commitment.

The second thing is fear of the unknown.

When you’re stepping into a new possibility, especially one that comes up fairly quickly.

You have to make a lot of decisions and go on your hunches and it means venturing out into the unknown.

For some of you, it’s very uncomfortable.

I’m fairly comfortable with the unknown and I know great things come from that space.

So typically, I’m in that promoter energy.

I like running out after the stick, to go retrieve it.

But it can trigger feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt and fear of failure if you’re not used to this.

And it requires you to embrace vulnerability to find a possibility exciting enough to override your fear.

To be able to navigate unfamiliar territory which can be challenging and uncomfortable as you know.

And then the third thing that’s typically a challenge to saying yes to possibility, is the opportunity cost.

When you say yes to one possibility sometimes you have to forgo or limit another possibility.

Maybe you are concerned about financial resources, so what it will take from you there is going to limit your ability to have the flow somewhere else.

But it’s my experience that when you get the flow going it continues to open itself to you.

When you’re fearful of the flow stopping or the lack, that’s what you attract.

And it’s based on science that’s part of the study of quantum physics and it’s also part of the understanding of your brain.

The reticular activation system, the RAS also familiarizes you with a variety of things in your life.

Like when you meditate into the future it remembers the feelings of the great feelings that you imagined in the future and starts bringing you towards that future.

But the same system that if you’re worrying about money, will support you in experiencing a lack of money.

So back to the point for today’s opportunity cost.

Some of the challenges to saying yes to possibilities are these opportunity costs, trade-offs, and potential sacrifices that you’re going to have to make.

Like, I had to forgo certain things on the weekend that were big plans to allow. I had to let go of the big plans and forgo them to allow myself the space to go to this other opportunity.

And sometimes choosing one opportunity means foregoing the other that you may have also valued.

So my partner, Mike, he and I were supposed to do something in a group and we were going to be preparing certain foods, decorating, and creating an event.

And because he so is supportive of my journey forwarding business, he just said to me, “I want to support you in going, and I will get another person to cover for you and I will take care of everything that you were going to have to take care of at this event so that you can go”.

So sometimes another person that believes in you or is rooting for you can support you in getting through some of these challenges to saying yes.

So tomorrow I’m going to share with you the benefits of saying yes to possibilities.

And then we’ll continue navigating how to strengthen that muscle that would allow you to do what I did this last weekend.

Be spontaneous, be open, be an impossibility, and not shoot down something that’s making itself available to you.

Have a beautiful day.

Sending you love.