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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

At the core of your behavior, at the core of your life are your rules and your beliefs. 

If you are working on setting up the best environment for you to succeed, the most fertile ground for you to plant the seeds of your ideas and for you to take root and grow.

You get to set up the foundation of your life in the best possible way, in a way that favors you, that gives you all the best advantages. 

So let’s start by looking into your rules. 

Years ago, I went to a Tony Robbins event and he asked us to list down our rules. 

And I couldn’t do it. 

I couldn’t even think of what my rules were.

Because as we’re growing up, we get all these rules from people, do this, do that. 

You can’t do this. 

You can do that. 

But what are our rules? 

And then when you actually take when you actually are able to articulate your rules, which ones are actually yours? 

How many of the rules have you deliberately created for yourself versus you just accepted somebody else’s rule, like the speed limit, for example?

I don’t accept that as a rule. 

I have my own right. 

To me, it’s a suggestion. 

So if we go it kidding aside, if we go and look at rules, which ones are you willing to take on as your own and which ones are a suggestion, a societal suggestion? 

What rules would set you up for success and which rules will set you up for pain if you’re not even sure what your rules are?

If you start to look back, how do you conduct yourself? 

What are the parameters that you put on yourself? 

And if you’re still not sure, you can find your rules by finding your pain. 

When you feel a pain or a hurt that signifies that you’ve broken, one of your rules has been broken. 

So then you can discover your rules.


So this week we are auditing your rules and it might take more than a week, but I’m going to get you started on auditing your rules, discovering your rules and restructuring them so you can decide to set them up in your best favor, creating rules that allow you to grow, feel free, have a safe environment, have a structure around yourself that set you up for success, happiness, satisfaction, and a meaningful life.

Have a beautiful day. 

Your homework today is to start jotting down your rules.