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181 Other People Depending On You

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go, talking about distinction three for leadership, which is one of the principles of living at level four responsibilities. 

I’m using a lot of numbers and levels here, but last week I spoke with you about the four levels of responsibility going from level one, where you’re not responsible at all and you’re a complete victim, to level four, where the idea is that you’re responsible for everything that you experience.

That can be a tough one to swallow, so I’m taking this whole week to go through principles and distinctions of that level four leadership.

Today’s is called “Live My Life as if My Life and Other People’s Lives Depended on It,” and the area of this one I want to get into is the idea that you are source.

You are like the hand of God, or like the tip of the paintbrush of creation. 

You are creating, and so what you do matters, how you show up matters. 

And it doesn’t just affect your life, it affects the lives of people around you. 

When you improve yourself, when you carry yourself with better energy, top level leadership, full responsibility, it affects people around you.

I have experienced this firsthand. 

When I first heard about this, I was skeptical. 

I thought, “How can that be? 

How can I affect the way other people see results?” 

But then I had it demonstrated for me, and I’ve mentioned this before, when I was coaching.

I used to notice it subtly in my classroom. 

If I showed up a certain way, students showed up a certain way.

When I wasn’t organized, I would see it like a rash in my classroom. 

I didn’t really understand it at the time, so I just thought it was interesting. 

In the last couple of years I saw it really magnified for me, and I grew to understand how it really is so. 

I was in a large scale classroom, and as a coach, none of us were supposed to be sidetracking or writing on the side or looking at our phone or sidetracking, and a couple of times I was tempted and I let myself answer a text or answer an email, and when I would look into the classroom, I would see a rash of people not paying attention or doing things that they weren’t supposed to be doing. 

And I told you about this before, where I fell asleep at one point, and when I got woken up, I could see that one of my own students was so hard asleep that we couldn’t even wake him up until we shifted to another room.

So I’ve seen this happen, and you could say it’s coincidence, but it wasn’t. 

It happened so regularly that I realized that I can affect the outcomes for my clients by tightening up in the areas that my clients are struggling. 

If I shift it and tighten it and perfect it in my life, I can support my clients in doing the same thing.

So right now I am steeped in the understanding of “live my life as if my life and other people’s lives depend on it,” because I have seen my influence in my family, in my clients, in the progress of people around me and in my world when I am paying attention and living my best life and being as healthy as possible, and dotting all my i’s and crossing all my t’s.

So again, like I say every day, this is a big idea to wrap your arms around, and one way you can start doing it, if you’re not on board, is start noticing if you make a change in your life, if it influences people around you.

The way you show up, the ways of being that you embody when you are kinder or gentler, if you’re not judging, if you’re focused and not sidetracked, take notice of how you are and how it is affecting the people and the world around you.

Once you start to see this, you will take more seriously that when you are in excellence, you are actually giving to other people, you are actually promoting other people and you will not be treating yourself so flippantly. 

Have a beautiful day.