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19 What if you already are?

May 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

I’m giving you something to ponder. I interviewed Patricia Barnett – she helps people elevate their performance and their lives – and she was mentioning something that I’ve heard multiple times, but everybody says it in their own way. 


What if we already are everything that we wish to become, but we don’t understand how to open ourselves to it? 


So how does that make you feel when you think of the next thing that you want to do or accomplish, and you think that you already are it within yourself, and all you have to do, all you get to do, is understand that you are. What if that would be the only thing you needed to do? And then, why would it take so long for you to become something?


Well, you know our mind decides what we are. We have kind of a set point, as Tony Robbins talks about, like a thermostat setting, and it’s hard to change that set point. That’s why it’s hard to change your weight and other things about yourself, because you’re used to that set point. 


So, for us to adopt the idea and become what we would like to be next, knowing that we already are that, what do you have to shift within yourself? You have to believe it’s possible. You have to believe you have those qualities.


Today I want you to think about what you would like to be next. What you’re shooting for. What you’re wishing about yourself. And imagine that it’s already within you, that you rea already that. The only thing between where you are now and where you want to be is your belief that you are it. Kick that around today. spend some time on that see what it does to your mind see what you think about that. See what that possibility brings you and then connects with me going to the SpiritRiver Instagram page, pop in there, join that page and send me a note about the understanding that you already are everything that you can become and have a beautiful day.