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This is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

This week, we’re taking steps to navigate through the different ways you can derail yourself from your vision. 

And today I’m talking about the opposite of fear of failure.

Actually, the same thing as the fear of failure – which is the fear of success. 

They’re almost the same exact thing, when you feel intimidated by succeeding.

I mean, it’s fun – there’s a rush involved in a success, and then there’s something that follows behind the rush. 

Can you keep it going, can you keep it up? 

How is your life going to change? 

How are your relationships going to change? 

What if you have to move? 

What if people see you as different? 

What if it shifts the way that you are operating in this world?

In one of the big transformational groups that I’m in right now, there’s an understanding that you get to know, before you enter this experience, that your life could change, and are you willing to allow it to change? 

And that’s such a big deal. 

If you are not willing to let your life follow a new course and you’re entering into uncharted territory, you can see how that would be keeping you from freely moving towards your vision – the fear of the unknown, of what it’s going to do to your life.

You could actually be scared of what will happen if you succeed. 

So, I want you to audit that. 

We’re always auditing. 

I want you to take note and see if you have an underlying fear of succeeding, and if you do, I want to get you some coaching around it, so let me know about that. 

I’m constantly asking you, “What are you willing to give up or let go of to become who you are going to become next?”

I do that because it takes courage to allow yourself to grow and stretch and expand. 

There are unknowns involved.

For a promoter or for someone who loves to experience excitement and new things, our interest in expansion supersedes our fear of it, our fear of the unknown, but a lot of people are scared about the way things are going to change once they make the expansion.

That’s why the initial vision and the initial excitement of the vision gives way to trepidation. 

So if you are really going to become a bigger version of yourself than you ever have been before, what are you willing to let go of? 

What beliefs, what structures, what places you live, what people are in your friend circle are you willing to allow to shift as you become more? 

And if you’re not willing to, that’s going to be problematic for your expansion. 

If you’d like to be willing to and you’re not yet willing, or you’re nervous, that’s just a great thing to know so you can get coaching in it, so you can look into it and you can become friends with it.

When you become friends with the possible changes that occur because you don’t know how those are going to play out, you open yourself to removing some of the resistance that you have that you don’t fully understand yet, but it’s there. 

So that’s our topic today, it’s about the fear of success. 

If you have a fear of success, let’s take care of it together. 

Have a beautiful day.