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Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go. 

Oh, my gosh, I’m on the way up to SpiritRiver. 

I just got back yesterday from Spirit River, and I realized this evening as I was going to produce my Coaching on the Go content for the week that I left my computer up there, at least I think I did.

Now, this week we have been engaging with the ways of being that are going to take you into your future – how you talk about yourself, how you think about yourself, the stories that you lock into that either support your movement forward or they support past ways of conducting yourself. 

A few years ago, I would find myself really upset right now, that I’m driving all the way back for several hours to Spirit River to pick up something that I may have left there, or who knows where it is.

I may have been sitting in a pity puddle right now or agitation for myself, looking at some examples and evidence from the past of times I have left things or been absent minded.

But today I am enjoying my ride back up to Spirit River, I got to see a magnificent sunset. 

I happened to exchange cars with my partner, so I’m driving his vehicle up there, and I have room to carry some things, extra things that I normally don’t.

I’ve gotten an opportunity to create all my Coaching on the Go segments while I’m driving, so it’s a little bit noisier than normal, and I figured out a way to resourcefully transfer the Coaching on the Go segments, the first one before I left the house through my phone, in a way that I never did before, because I stayed calm, and I’m going to get an extra night of sleeping in my beautiful bed in the dark, in the woods, at Spirit River tonight as I pick up my computer.

So I’ve been using these tools that support the best case scenario and support telling the best stories, and me emphasizing the best about myself.

So today’s experience is quite different than it would have been years ago, and I’ve been supporting you in that this week.

I’ve been supporting you in shifting away from telling disempowering stories, and instead creating evidence.

If you’re going to tell a story, it starts with something empowering, and you notice the momentum that you’re creating every day. 

You notice evidence of great decision making, powerful ways of being and stepping into your future, and being in your future.

To step into your future, you have to be aligned with it. 

If you’re telling the stories from the past, they prevent you from being aligned with your future.

Your past is past.

The only time it’s really valuable to go into your past is if you need to shift something back there so you can have a new perspective, shifting something that’s been holding you back so that you can release it and be free. 

Telling stories of your past that aren’t empowering just keeps you in the vibration of that past episode.

So, this week has been all about thinking and talking in ways that empower you forward. 

I have one last tool for you this week that I want you to try on for size. 

First of all, I want you to take the ways of being that you said you are moving into, that embody what you want to be like in the future, and I want you to create a statement, an “I am” statement, as if you already are in your future using those ways of being. 

So it could sound like this: “I’m a joyful, unstoppable, insatiable, ever-expanding billionaire entrepreneur with a global footprint.” 

You can say whatever you want there, but put your ways of being into a statement that you can read in the morning as part of your morning routine, and do it every day.

What you want to do is be speaking into existence the ways of being that you get to embody to become the person that you’re interested in becoming. 

So I hope this week’s coaching has made you more powerful and given you some ways to solidify and create a great fertile ground environment for your expansion. 

Sending you big love.

Oh, your call to action? 

Post your statement on the Facebook page, if you dare. 

I love to read those.

Sending you love.