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125 Random Thoughts Aren’t Random

Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

For many, many years in the middle of my life.

I would get incredible ideas and they just seemed whimsy to me.

I would let those ideas flow right through me and I would just think.

Oh, that’s what I don’t even I’m not going to say I don’t know what I was thinking.

But I know I wasn’t taking the thoughts seriously.

It was as if they were just random thoughts.

So at some point those random thoughts.

I mean, it would almost be like two children brainstorming what they were going to do.

And all these ideas would come up and they were cool ideas.

But at some point, I started trivializing those and not paying attention to them.

And then I realized not too long ago when I started to really magnify and speed up my process of creating.

That those were ideas that were coming to me because they were meant to be pursued.

Now, some of you pursue and you get results from that.

Some of you who are in coaching right now are pursuing it.

A hunch stepped into the coaching and your life has been expediting itself.

When you say yes to yourself, you expedite things.

There are breadcrumbs dropped constantly for our next step and it’s that interactive field around us.

No matter what you believe, if you don’t believe in anything beyond this life.

Or you do believe, you can feel an energy around yourself.

And there are too many things that happen serendipitously to not understand you’re being engaged with.

Or that you have some influence on what happens around you.

So when you get these ideas, you can decide where you believe they come from.

But they’re there and they’re there to be engaged with.

So what I want you to really start doing is paying attention to what ideas are coming into your mind.

This week we’re talking about stepping into yourself and listening after meditation.

Or when you’re working, when you have shut your mind down.

Because maybe your mind is busy washing dishes or making a puzzle.

Or going for a rumor you have just meditated so your mind has calmed down and you’re getting ideas.

These ideas are for your own navigation.

So pay attention to these.

Write them down, and take them seriously.

You’re getting the idea because it’s ready because it’s time not to throw it in a big giant pile for later.

Otherwise, what you’re going to discover, you get older, a decade passes and the pile just gets bigger.

And you’re in the same spot as the next thing approaches.

A next year, a next month, a next milestone, the next moment.

There’s always a chance for another movement.

What is your next step?

What indicators and indications have you been getting about your next step?

And what is it that’s your coaching for today?

Paying attention to the rich, vast amount of information.

That comes to you daily when you don’t know what you want to do next.

And you’re worrying to start paying attention.

Sending you love.